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4 Tips on Safekeeping a GoPro!


GoPros are well-built sturdy action cameras that are extensively design to surpass challenges and adventures. However, this tiny yet tough piece of fearless machine still needs some taking care of in order to prolong its quality and lifespan.

Here are four tips in taking good care of your GoPro:

Tip #1 Apply a screen protector

Applying screen protector to it will ensure that your GoPro will be scratch-free on both the front and rear LCD screens.

Tip #2 Properly wipe the lens

Just like in any other cameras, GoPro lens are sensitive. Make sure to use lens wiping cloth only in wiping the lens and don’t ever use your current shirt or a tissue. While in removing foreign objects like sand or dirt, you can use compressed air or blowing it with your mouth but no sharp or pointy tools.

Tip #3 Clean housing after every use

Don’t let the salt water or lake water dry up on your housings forever without washing it. Regularly wash it with warm running water after every use before storing in cabinets to preserve its quality.

Tip #4 Invest in a good case

Give your GoPro a safe place to rest in to whenever they’re not up for adventure. Appropriate cases can also secure your GoPro inside a compressed backpack. Good thing that GoPro Hero 6 is available with FREE POV Case at Widget City for only Php 28,990. See listings here.

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