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This is iPhone 7 plus with new features. Let’s see how apple competes in smartphone world.

A few years back, Apple said that no Apple is released beyond 4” inch but after Steve Job passed away… Timothy Cook changed the iPhone idea and stepped up by upgrading their screen real estate to 5.5” IPS LCD with a 1080×1920 resolution and also increasing the brightness.


Let’s talk about iPhone 7 Plus’ IP67 certification for a while, it is the first water and dust resistant Apple to date. But keep in mind that apple is not responsible for any water damage. Apple replaced the physical home button with solid-state component that responds to finger pressure much like the screen.


Apple also threw in a bunch of new feature like adding new stickers, more emojis, and even a handwriting mode. Expanded 3D Touch controls, powerful new lockscreen widgets, Siri connectivity for third-party apps, and new versions of familiar apps like Maps, Music, Photos, and News. Another feature is the raise-to-wake which simply means… raise the phone and it will automatically wake up without turning it on.


iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ base model storage starts at 32GB. Which is good news for users who are always out of storage. And we all know that this wouldn’t be an iPhone 7 Plus review if we’re not going to talk about the audio jack’s removal. Users need to decide if their gonna go with the traditional cables that needs to be connected with an adapter, or just go wireless.


iPhone 7 Plus has this bulge at the back that packs the impressive dual-camera telephoto and wide angle lenses, which provides 2x optical zoom without sacrificing the quality of the photo. 12MP for clearer imagery and videos paired with quad LED. OIS or Optical Image Stabilization is gladly on the iPhone 7 Plus for better video capture.


Using this phone as a daily buddy, moderate to heavy use, the phone can handle tasks with A10 Fusion chip quad core clocked at 2.3 GHz and additional extra gigs of RAM for a total of 3GB. The iOS 10 delivers a smooth OS performance. iPhone 7 Plus scored the highest benchmark versus other brands, scoring a 181,494 in total.


On the battery department, you won’t run out on the middle of the day with its 2900mAh load that keeps the phone awake.


To sum up, iPhone 7 Plus is great smartphone if you have the budget. Like always, Apple continues to be the standard to beat in the smartphone world!


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