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Boost Work Productivity Thru Music


Music heals the soul, touches the heart and a spirit up-lifter. From the moment you wake up, preparing for the day, during travel times and even in the office during work, your Spotify or your playlist can’t be left out. We can’t deny that the world is much better with music, the world becomes more fun to live in with music.

Science has proved a lot about what music can do to us. These includes reducing anxiety, bringing positivity, healing pains and sharpening minds which could lead to increased productivity in our workplaces—top of the list demanding high productivity.

Whether you’ll spend the rest of the day inside the office or on-site, music can bring out your utmost performance.

You can try classical/instrumentals to start a peaceful day. A clear mind to plan your day is a great tip for an awesome start. Mozart, Beethoven and the like are timeless-ear soothing-heartwarming masterpieces. Moreover, lyrics can sometime be a distraction especially when concentration is necessary making instrumentals a great choice to play in the background when planning your day.

Play acoustics if you prefer music that touches the soul. Acoustic music singers like Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Boyce Avenue, etc. can give you great songs in the playlist for a blissful start of the day.

The greatest mood booster, spirit up-lifter you can have is of course, music. Beat the afternoon sleepy vibe with Pinoy Dance Music or EDMs. Let those bloodstreams get pumped up for afternoon tasks. A little dance, a little shake won’t hurt and can give you the energy as you finish the day.

And if you are a millennial or a millennial at heart, pop hits could go your way. Play The Chainsmokers hit songs or some Despacito in the sleepy afternoon vibe. Let those sleepy thoughts slip away as you sing along with this pop hits.

Whatever music genre you’re in as long as it makes you feel energetic, creative and productive, go and hit that play button. And for a much better music experience, why not play it with the best device. Check out this top three smartphones in town for music lovers!

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is not only great for its night camera, its audio feature is also something you can rely for your passion in music. It will give you loud and clear audio output with extra nice level of detail. Its speaker is located in the upper right side of the phone, not the usual position but still is surprisingly loud even if you’re in a room full of people.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

For Apple fans out there, iPhone 7 has its own edge in terms of audio; featuring iPhone’s first ever stereo speaker system which is twice as loud from the previous iPhone. Not only that, apple launched its Airpods, their very own wireless headphones, that could give users supreme music experience.

iPhone 7

The Walkman’s creator, Sony, of course has Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Their latest phone that is fully equipped with High-Resolution audio, Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), digital noise cancelling and MORE. These allows music fans to experience music as the artist originally intended.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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