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DJI Spark MM1A (Unboxing): Legit Compact Drone


Easy-to-fly drones is what DJI is known for, you don’t need to be an expert to fly one of their unmanned aerial vehicles (technical term for drone). You also don’t need to take classes to be able to create creative video clips up in the sky with their aerial cameras.

DJI Spark MM1A is the company’s most compact drone yet, height of it measures almost like your pen. It comes with a hard styro-case that is very light weight and can help secure drones inside your backpack. Because yes, it can fit your backpack and you don’t need any special drone bags to transport DJI Spark MM1A.

Smartphones with DJI App will serve as the remote for Spark MM1A. It has different cool flight options for different kinds of creative aerial shots. Few examples are Circle (circular shot) and Helix (spiral pattern). Another amazing feature is that it can be controlled thru the wave of your hands.

This device is intelligent enough to avoid obstacles on its own and strong enough to stand against winds. Average flight time would be around 15 mins and it has 12MP camera that is able to record 1080 videos at 60 fps.

DJI Spark MM1A Drone is available at Widget City for only Php 29,000! See listings here. Get yours now!





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