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Galaxy J7 Core Review: Game on or game off?


There it goes, Samsung Galaxy J Series continues with their latest entry level/budget phone: the Samsung Galaxy J7 Core. A phone positioned and “designed” as a entertainment phone particularly as a gaming device. Globally named as Galaxy J7 Nxt, here in the Philippines, it’s called the Galaxy J7 Core and is highly marketed in the country with their gamer/cosplayer endorser, Alodia Gosiengfiao. This handset boasts its 14nm processor that could make gaming experience smoothly fast in the Php 10k or less price range.

Design and Build

Upon opening the box, you’ll see the massive size of this device in the usual Samsung mid-ranger smartphone design–hick bezels, with home buttons and capacitive keys. The phone was suspiciously light when I first took it then I realized the removable battery is not in the phone yet ;), didn’t expect that Samsung is still manufacturing non-unibody smartphones. Also because of its size, this phone won’t be easy to navigate with one hand. Good thing, there is this One-hand mode feature in the settings that will let you adjust display size and layout.

The power and button volume were perfectly positioned on the left and right side, respectively, of the the phone. While both the USB port and the audio jacks are located at the bottom, leaving the top part flawlessly empty. The speaker is located beside the main camera, looks balancely beautiful across the camera LED flash.

The 7.6 mm thin handset does not super feel premium and at the same time, does not feel cheap neither. The metal finished polycarbonate frames gives that glossy premium look to the phone while the textured polycarbonate plastic backing looks sturdy giving good grip to the device.

Display, Audio, Video

The 5.5 inches display is very bright with the Super AMOLED technology giving you nice vibrant colors perfect for gaming and movies. This screen of the J7 Core is definitely great for outdoors however it can be too bright indoors specially in the dark, hurting my eyes sometimes on prolonged use. And then I saw this feature in the overflow menu: Blue Light Filter, reduces the blue light emitted by the screen that is friendly to the eyes but the changes of the screen color is not very nice to look at. However, you can also change the colors in the Screen Mode setting, lets you choose from Adaptive display (default),AMOLED cinema, AMOLED photo or Basic.

The speakers of this handset located at the back beside the rear camera produces standard audio/music, loud and decent but not too detailed. Even the speakers are located at the back panel of the phone, it doesn’t shuts the music down even if its laid down at the table because of the recessed camera design.

Software (OS/UI)

Samsung Experience, modified Android Nougat by Samsung, is great with some helpful tools and apps and at the same time, feeling bloated considering that the internal storage of this device is 16 GB only. The many apps pre-installed can’t be uninstalled and aside from the standard Google folder, we have 6 apps in Samsung folder and 5 apps in the Microsoft folder.

Moreover, the software of the J7 Core has very helpful advanced features that can really make our life easier, we have the Games option for more efficient gaming, One-handed Mode that lets you adjust display size, Dual Messenger ready for both work and play social media accounts, and few more helpful tools.

The Game Tools feature is also one of the few reasons that supports J7 Core gaming phone claim aside from the 14 NM processor and the 5.5 inches AMOLED display. Game tools is the small always-on icon during game time that will let you:

1. Block notifications for serious disturb-free gaming
2. Lock keys and screen touch
3. Screenshot or video record your games


Featuring 13 MP rear camera in f/1.9 aperture with autofocus and led flash and a 5MP front camera with LED flash, this smartphone is actually doing a great job producing quality photos.

Even though this handset does not feature dual-lens system, the details that the 13 MP camera is impressive, it’s able to capture clear photos in decent colors. Even the auto-focus is performing well, giving enough amount of attention to the subject. The LED flash is loud and bright, perfect for low-lights and night photos.

Performance and Battery

The lag-free gaming that the advertising material of the J7 Core is boasting is truth and tested in playing common games like Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans and Plants VS Zombie, however, this games doesn’t really require high-end specs to work well with your device.

Packed with 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage and running the Samsung Exynos 7879 Octa mobile platform, benchmark testings shows the following results:

AnTuTu Benchmark – 45831
Geekbench Single-Core Score – 728
Geekbench Multi-Core Score -3720

Scores are quite low for Php 9990 smartphone while other cheaper brands scores higher than what J7 got. Anyway, this is an entertainment phone and not a productivity phone. You can expect smooth gaming and movies despite of the low RAM storage.

You might think that smartphone batteries should be non-removable  because it is now the thing and just because we no longer want our phones going three pieces every time we drop it. But this removable battery from J7 Core is pretty impressive, the 3000 mAh Li-Ion battery that powers this handset were long-lasting.

  • Leaving it on stand-by with Wi-Fi On overnight for 15 hours, the battery only lost 4% of its life.
  • Another test is that after watching 2.5-hour long movie in full brightness and full volume, the battery only consumed 14% of the its life.

And the power-saving feature was also a superb as it could drastically extend your battery even at super low level, letting you save battery by adjusting CPU speed and internet connection usage and not just the brightness like in most phones.

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy J7 Core?

Despite of having a very low 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, this could not be the fastest phone but it works well with common games, as an entertainment phone. Besides, it has features of its own like the AMOLED display technology that is not very common to entry-level smartphones, the massive 5.5 inches display and the game tools app that can really make your gaming experience better.

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