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Google Lens is Missing on my Pixel 2


One of the most exciting feature that the Pixel 2 has is the Google Lens. An incredible feature that can tell you what object you’re showing to the camera lens or any related information to the subject based on Google’s never ending data through AI technology.

It needs Internet to function and still limited to common stuff like landmarks, books and albums. Since its answering us through visual analysis, the processing of information is only limited to the 2D image itself, we can’t expect this technology to tell us exactly what kind of drink we’re showing it by giving lens a photo of a colored liquid. Though the accuracy and intelligence is still not as brilliant, the fact that it is able to recognize an object is still amazingly remarkable.

However, upon getting an actual Pixel 2 device, I got bewildered by not founding the Google Lens icon on where it’s supposed to be. First instinct was to Google it since I’m using a Google phone, however, no clear answer is found (or maybe I should’ve think of a better search keyword). I felt hopeless and starts to think that I got a defective Pixel. Aftre a little more of perseverance, found myself on the Help and Support feature located at Settings.

The showed result after typing Google Lens on the search bar:

And what I learned from it was waiting for an update is the only option left. After trying all the suggestions and instructions, I still didn’t get to find the Google Lens. 

Just when I’m on the verge of letting it go, I suddenly saw the words Lens on Pinterest App that I installed. And yes, it works just like how I expect Google Lens to work (not as intelligent as Google but still is incredible).

See few more examples:
Lens is smart enough to distinguish miniature objects!
Balloons can be a bit tricky, well, not for the Lens.
Apparently I’m in Pinterest. Maybe if I’m actually using Google lens, it will know that it’s just a pen. But still, great job.

Still hoping that I’d get my update for the Google Lens in my camera and photos app. For the meantime, I’ll stick and play the Lens on Pinterest. (PS. You can get Google Pixel 2 here)

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