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Hawei Mate10, “This is not a smartphone” but it looks like one


On their teaser, Huawei dubbed Mate10 as an intelligent machine rather a smartphone. A device that boasts on the AI technology that runs on its bloodline. 

On their event launch last October 16, 2017, Huawei launched their newest flagship that challenged flagship devices of smartphones giants Samsung and Apple. Screen is bezel-less but it definitely still looks like a smartphone.

Huawei unveiled their latest flagship, the Huawei Mate10, in three versions: Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate10 Pro and Huawei Mate10 Porsche Design

Huawei Technologies Co.

Is there claim a marketing exaggeration or this phone really has the intelligence it brags?

The following features are the intelligent claims of Huawei Mate10:

It has an intelligent battery with Smart Battery Management meaning that the long lasting power of 4000mAh batttery is capable of learning from user behaviors then intelligently allocate the energy that can minimize wasting of power and then maximize battery life.

Huawei Technologies Co.

Kirin 970 processor is the mobile platform responsible for the high performance of this device, an AI computing platform. Not an ordinary processor for it houses a dedicated NPU (Neural-Network Processing Unit) that is capable of the complex AI computations, giving us 50X power efficient and 25X superb performance.

Huawei Technologies Co.

Huawei Mate10’s intelligent photography has smart features that could give us excellent photos in less exerted efforts. Features the new Leica Dual Camera, a dual lens camera system (20MP monochrome sensor and 12 MP RGB sensor) for high quality detailed phootos. However, the dual lens system starts to become common on other flagship phones. The camera in this device is also smart enough to identify faces, objects and scenes; automatically adjusts image properties such as color, contrast, brightness and exposure depending on the identified subject.

This camera also got a 97 score from DxOMark, the known camera test that the Google Pixel is proud for consistently topping the test with a score of 98 (Samsung Galaxy Note8-94, iPhone 8 Plus-94).

Huawei Technologies Co.

Huawei Mate10 also boast the intelligence of the connectivity and the User interface of this handset. You get to have clear calls because of its noise cancellation feature and stay connected with superior phone signals because of its intelligent cell search. Moreover, the UI of this device, EMUI 8.0 were also developed thru AI technology, thus we can expect intelligent apps and tools in this device.

The innovations of Huawei on their latest flagship were pretty impressive though not mind-blowing, Mate10 is a great phone and is truly intelligent in aspects that really matters.

Huawei Mate10 will soon be available at Widget City. Stay posted for updates or check out its predecessor here, Huawei Mate9.


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