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Huawei Announced Not Smart “But Intelligent” Phone


As they say on their teaser video of Huawei Mate 10, this new device is not a smartphone but an intelligent machine. While the words smart and intelligent are synonymous, Huawei would not want to call their latest flagship device as a smartphone rather as an intelligent machine that thinks and learns on its own thru Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Furthermore, their homegrown processor, the Kirin 970, is the pioneer of AI-based mobile platform. Thus, Huawei is seriously working on this self-thinking/human like technology on their devices.

Huawei will held a global launch on October 16 at Munich, Germany and  is expected to announce not just one but three new devices.

It’s predecessor, Huawei Mate 9, was released a year ago of November 2016. A powerful phone because of its revolutionary speed during its era. Let’s wait few more weeks for the unveiling of this intelligent phone before concluding its capability to compete with today’s leading smartphones.

Huawei Mate10 will soon be available at Widget City. Keep posted for updates or check previous handsets of Huawei here.


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