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OnePlus JCC+: A Creative Tool Rather Than Phone


OnePlus collaborating with fashion designer is no longer big news to us. They also did that on their OnePlus 3T, collaborating with designer Colette and calling the device OnePlus 3T Colette Edition. The product of their collaboration back then was an all black stylish edition of the phone. The device was only available at Colette concept store in Paris with limited 250 units only.  

Today, they did it once again with their flagship phone OnePlus 5. The public has been teased few days ago in the invites they send out with the words, “When the style meets the machine, one night in September in Paris”; and clearly stated that the collaborator of OnePlus is JC de Castelbajac or JCC, a French designer known for his imaginative colorful design and signature writing.

The product of their collaboration was called “Callection”. Their masterpiece was called OnePlus JCC+. The designer’s touch to the phone was artfully colored hardware buttons and provoking words etched at the back of the phone.

The device was positioned as a creative tool rather than phone. Along with it, as part of the Callection were accessories such as tshirts, baseball cap, holster, tote bag, and case bag that all reflect Castelbajac artistic style.

The OnePlus 5 JCC+ will be available on the event that will be hosted  at Colette concept store  in Paris on September 22nd at 11:00 am CET. Then, the device will be available for purchase online at OnePlus.net in Europe only on October 2.

The specs of the phone was the same as OnePlus 5 with  8GB of RAM, 128GB storage and a dual camera. Thus, it was really the artsy design that the OnePlus JCC+ used in defining distinction from others.


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