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Pinoy Tummy Fills Before Work


While others prefer coffee only for breakfast, us Pinoy needs and wants to fuel up our tummy with food in the morning. Even back in our childhood days, our parents and teachers encourage us to eat before leaving for school. Not only it boosts our energy, breakfast also gives us sharper mind in facing challenges of the day.

Here are the most common Pinoy breakfast you can refer for your tummy’s satisfaction before leaving for school and office in the morning:

Kape at Pandesal. What a great combination! Tested my millions, fast and easy to prepare.
Silogs and the like. Rice. Period. What explanation do we still need?
Champorado and Tuyo. Hmmm.. Perfect for the rainy season and perfect for the Filipino appetite.
Lugaw and Tokwa. The veterans! Fill your tummy with this classic hot meal with its sidekick—tokwa.

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