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The Next OnePlus??


There are few rumors that’s been running on the Internet about the next flagship of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus. OnePlus is a 4-year old tech company with pretty impressive reputation in the mobile industry, leveling to giants like Apple and Samsung. Their latest flagship was the OnePlus 5, a competitive handset known for powerful specs packed with 6 GB (or 8 GB) of RAM and Snapdrahon 835, and is powered by OxygenOS, modified base on Android Nougat.

Before OnePlus 5 is the OnePlus 3T, an upgraded version on the OnePlus 3, thus plainly skipping the 4 in their series. Both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 5 collaborated with fashion designers, creating limited edition versions of their flagship in an artsy presentation, a move that is known to OnePlus.

OnePlus is rumored to release its next flagship next year with no confirmed name yet. Some blogs like Indian Express and Android Marvel dubbed it as OnePlus 6 already, speculating that there will be no 5T for us, in reference to their move on the the one Plus 3. Yet still, it could also be OnePlus 7 since the company skipped to the next odd number for the OnePlus 5 from the 3.

Whatever name it will bear, the next flagship was believed to improve what the 5 has started like dual camera but now with a bettor megapixel count or sensor. Moreover, Qualcomm is likely to release an upgrade to its latest Snapdragon 835 therefore, the same chipset could not be possibly use to the next phone. The 5 was still based on Android Nougat, so the next flagship will clearly upgrade their modified OxygenOS 4.0, updating its modification to Android Oreo, unless they want stay outdated.

No official announcements for the exact release date though OnePlus had been releasing phones in the mid year. Though it is not final yet, as they could release early 2018 to be first or so just to outrun other expected releases next year such as the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Though nothing is still evidently true right now, this all OnePlus upcoming flagship speculations started when The Android Marvel released an exclusive report of OnePlus skipping 5T, directly moving to 6.

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