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Top 10 Comments of iPhone X Bashers


The more people that knows you, the more opinions you can inevitably gain. Some may agree while others may disapprove. With its current fame, Apple iPhone X is no exempt to those attentions especially to the overly active Filipino netizens.

Steve Jobs is still right when he said, “..the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.”

While other praise the unique design and the fun-filled animojis, others disagree with them like the following opinion of iPhone X bashers:

1. Previous version of iPhone is still fine. 

We can’t stop Apple on creating new iPhones. We just can’t, especially if a mass amount of people is supporting it.

2. Samsung is better and cheaper. 

A common smartphone humor goes like this: there are two types of people in the world: 1. iPhone users and 2. Android users. For the longest time, this is the truth and after the iPhone X sensational fame, this truth will probably stay for a little long.

3. Pulling an X(Ex)-lover joke out of it.

For non-Filipinos, the tagalog term “mahal” may both mean love and expensive, and the roman numeral X may be pronounced as ex. Saying “dapat pag x dapat di na mahal” could double mean this phone shouldn’t be that expensive, a subtle attack to its pricing.

4. This is an overly expensive phone.

If only more people would be aware that high-end phones are high-end for a reason. And also, that the world is composed of different economic classes, if only they’ll realize that if this is expensive, well then they are not the target market at all. Right?

5. Better wait for second hand sellers.

It’s hard to admit that you want something you can’t have and saying it this way is a better phrase to say.

6. You are sick for buying iPhone X.

That’s kinda harsh but can still be right at some point. In a way if someone will buy iPhone X just because the craze without any further knowledge to thousand dollar gadget.

7. You are crazy for buying iPhone X.

That’s even worse! Nevertheless, the owner of the money will always have the full right to spend it the way they want.

8. Better invest the money; instead of spending it on iPhone X. 

Some say that buying iPhone X is not a wise act and people should just spend the money on investments or business that could eventually give you good returns.

9. You’re just making yourself the newest target of thieves. 

We all know that iconic iPhone X look stands out and yes, it stands out also in crowd in the eyes of the snatchers. Aside from higher odd of losing an expensive item, you can also put your life in danger because of X.

On the other side, the market of snatched phones will benefit and make them own an iPhone X in a much much lower cost.

10. A motorcycle is a better option. 

Another much wiser choice, according to them, on spending that huge chunk of money is a motorcycle. However, if this is your life scenario, why would you buy an iPhone X if you can’t even afford a vehicle service  of your own whether a motorcycle or an actual car.

Compiling these harsh comments was undeniably fun. It’s also funny how people reacts as if someone is forcing the iPhone X to them. Nevertheless, nice or harsh, this opinions will only increase the fame of Apple’s newest iPhone.


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