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Top 5 Winning Features of Google Pixel 2


Smartphones crafted and developed by the search engine titan Google is called Pixel. Last 4th of October 2017, the second generation version of this smartphone brand, the Pixel 2, was launched along with other hardware made by Google.

Pixel 2 comes in two variants: the regular-medium-sized Pixel 2 and the larger-with-better-screen Pixel 2 XL. Difference of the two devices are mainly on the design build and display which includes, bezel-size, screen size and  device dimension. Another is the battery, given XL has a larger screen thus it requires a larger battery capacity.

Moreover, the software, camera, media, mobile platform, storage and special features are the same with both devices. Take a look at the following winning feature of Pixel 2 and see for yourself if this device is great enough to compete with leaders such as iPhone X and Galaxy Note8

1. Squeezeable Google Assistant

When Google hired 2,000 HTC engineer, the result was of course a squeezable phone. The same feature that can be found with HTC flagship device HTC U11. But here on Pixel, it is use to launch the Google Assistant whenever you need it.

Squeezing the sides (like a sponge) of the device to launch Google Assistant

Other ways in launching the Google Assistant still includes the “Ok Google” voice command and the new long-pressing of the Home button.

2. High-scored Smartphone Camera

During their launch, Google proudly announced that their Pixel 2 is the highest-rated smartphone camera available in the market again (in reference to the first generation Pixel being highest last year during its reign), in the DxOMark camera test with a score of 98 (Huawei Mate10 = 97, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus = 94).

However, just recently, the iPhone X scored 101 in the same camera test stealing the first place on Pixel 2. Nevertheless, being ranked as the second greatest smartphone camera doesn’t make its camera less nice but still amazingly great.

3. Identifying Google Lens

Another superb technology brought by Google is the item/place/object identifier feature, the Google Lens. An app that will visually analyze what you are showing it then will tell you what it is  or any relevant information it could give.

This could be as exciting as it sounds however it is still limited by what’s in the Google’s data. And since it is powered by AI, maybe we just have to wait a little more and then it will surely answer all our wonders like how the Google search engine works to us.

Google Lens in Pinterest App

4. Unlimited Photo and Video Storage

Pixel 2 can’t be expanded via micro SD because it doesn’t need one. All your photos and videos can be stored up in the cloud without storage limits and without affecting image quality. No need for deleting, all can be saved.

Source: store.google.com

5. Fast-charge and Long Life Battery

Just the perfect combination for this demanding life of us, get seven hours of battery in just fifteen minutes.

Pixel 2 with its USB type-C cable and power adapter

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