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Top 5 Winning Features of Xiaomi Mi Max 2


A certified phablet, the Xiaomi Mi Max Series is known for its incredibly big display and battery. The first generation Mi Max was released last August 2016 with 6.44 inches screen in 4850 mah battery. Then last June 2017, we had the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 still in enormous 6.44 inches screen but now in 5300 mah battery, new camera sensor and processor with more RAM. Take a look at these top five winning features of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2:

1Split screen-perfect big display

Split screen feature was out for long but the 6.44 inches screen in IPS LCD could just make it better. And of course, we can get to experience better media and gaming experience in this big display.

2Sturdy full metal unibody

The advantage of having a metal-built handset is that it could protect internal parts with its hard-to-destruct material. The smooth shiny metals is also giving the smartphone a premium look. Lastly, metal can handle and disperse the heat generated by the processor better than other materials.

3Enourmous 5300 mAH battery

A display this big is partnered with a battery that could keep up with it. The Mi Max 2 is packed with massive 5300 mAh battery. Regular phones could have 2000 up to 4000 mAh which could last a day or two in regular use. The massive battery of this phone could last longer, great for travels or busy schedule.

4Stereo effect dual speaker

Great audio is another key factor for an awesome media and gaming experience. This handset will automatically switch to dual speaker effect when turned it to landscape mode.

5Smooth and fast MIUI 9.0

MIUI 9.0 is one of the best user interface based on Android. The software boast its lightning fast and smooth performance, you get to quick install, uninstall, open and close apps. Other helpful features also include Mi drop for file transfers compatible in Android devices, smart photo editor, Mi video and more.

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