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What did Google announced last October 4?


They announced more species of Google brain

Google is more than the search engine we all run to, more than the creator of Android and much more than the mother company of YouTube. Apart from software developments, lots of hardware devices are also created/developed in their headquarters. Here are new the products that Google announced last 4th of October:

Pixel 2

The much awaited smartphone made by Google on its second generation comes again in two sizes: the regular Pixel 2 and the larger Pixel 2 XL. The difference of the two devices are mainly on exteriors only; the internals, upgrades and features of both devices are the same and not excluding the smaller one with less powerful internals. The word pixel means the basic unit of an image, which is also the name of this smartphone thus implying that the camera of this device is beyond ordinary. Pixel is proud of its recognition as highest rated camera from DxOMark twice on both versions of pixels. Moreover, another cool feature include just squeezing the phone for the Google assistant.


Google Home Mini and Max

When Google is trying to put its brain on every device it could, speakers are on top of the list. These smart speakers from Google that could make easy voice search easier. The smaller round and cheaper version is the Mini and the high end rectangular version is the Max. Aside from asking Google all your questions, you can play music thru Bluetooth or audio cable. The Max can also adjust itself in real time in the room there in.


Pixel Buds

Pixel buds are Google’s smart bluetooth earphones, the AirPod’s competition. It comes with the magnetic charging case and not really wireless because of the connecting cords that’s supposed to hang on the neck.

They pair automatically with Pixel phone and can also be paired with non Google devices even on iPhones. It has tapping sensors, can do real time translation of 40 different languages, can read notifications, play and stop  music and more. The google assistant since they’re created by Google, works amazingly fast; touch and hold the buds in your ears, ask Google and it will answer immediately.


Pixelbook (and Pixelbook Pen)

This high performance Chromebook claims to be the thinnest in 10mm and lightest in 1 kg laptop that Google has ever made. The 12.3 inches display is touch screen and the lid turns 360 degrees which means it could be use as a tablet. Moreover, the back-lighted soft touch keys is also the first to have the Google assistant key on it.

The Pixel Pen is Pixelbook smart stylus  which can be used for encircling images or words then the Google assistant will tell you everything you need to know about it. They also partnered with Waccom engineers in developing this pen in order to achieve the natural feel in writing or taking notes, same a writing in paper.


Google Clips

These are tiny smart camera that records 7 seconds of the subject it recognized because it learns since it’s an A; it has facial recognition that could recognize faces. Also, smart enough to shut itself off when you put it in your pocket. This new type of camera has 12 MP wide angle camera in 130 degree lens and 8 GB storage. It also comes with a clip that can be attached or clipped anywhere. It does not have a microphone, just capture clips or motion photos and regular static photos. Google Clips are very useful for people with kids or pets that are fans of candid shots.


Google Daydream View

Another announcement from the event is the updated daydream view that was launched last year. These are virtual reality headset created by google that has updated fabric and lenses.


Smart Google is getting smarter, with all of these new hardware they have presented, thus we conclude that Google really is a giant in the tech world.

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