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What’s in that Notch of iPhone X? Technology Explained


The Apple iPhone X is almost perfect except, well, for the notch. It does give the the newest iPhone an iconic look but still looks awkwardly out of place. They needed a space to place those camera and sensors, or the TrueDepth camera system, like how they call it.

Let’s take a round down on all the technology on this hard to ignore bar on top while dividing these eight technologies into three categories: the face id-related tech, the sensors and the usuals.

The infrared camera, the flood illuminator and the dot projector are all face id-related tech. The function of each are necessary for accurately reading face patterns even in the dark.

1. Infrared camera is a known technology applied by Apple in their iPhone. It reads the facial depth map of the user and mathematically compares it registered face stores in the system

2. Flood illuminator makes the face id possible in the dark as it shines invisible infrared light on a user’s face for accurately analyzing of infrared dots .

3. Dot projector makes Face ID accurate and secures by illuminating 30,000 infrared dots on a user’s face creating a facial depth map.

The sensors on the notch includes proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

4. Proximity also means vicinity, it has something to do with nearness. The Proximity sensor is a very common technology to smartphones, it is the one responsible for sensing physical objects near the phone. With this, the smartphone screen reduces display power consumption as it  turns off LCD back-light and  disables touchscreens during calls.

5. Ambient or ambiance is the environment situation, ambient light sensor does display management by measuring lighting conditions in the surroundings from low-light to bright sunlight. The sensor automatically dims or brightens the screen that could help reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

As for the usuals: the speaker, the microphone and the front camera. Everyone basically knows their function already.

6. The speaker for phone calls.

7. The microphone for sound in, positioned on top, along with all the other necessary input and output technologies in the phone.

8. Front camera that still has to be on top no matter what, unless you agree with Xiaomi Mi Mix on putting them down below the screen or unless they can develop camera that can blend in with screen.

While Phone X’s iconic look doesn’t please or impress some. We can say that the designers decision on doing that notch on top on the tenth anniversary phone of Apple isn’t that worst at all for it serves a purpose, not just a simple one but a whole bunch of it.

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