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What’s New in iOS 11?


iOS 11

iOS 11 operating system is the latest version of iOS. It was launched on September 19, 2017. Apple has a lot of new features unveiled for iOS 11. And If your’e really excited to know what’s new? Let’s jump into the features of iOS 11!


IPad Exclusive Features (iOS 11)

Files App

iOS 11 has this new File application that allows you to compile things in one place. This will help you to be organize and productive easily. There is also a dedicated place for your recent used files.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop allows you to move text, photos, and files from one app to another. This feature is limited only to iPad. “Drag and Drop” gets more interesting to do in a large Multi-Touch display in iPad which also improves multitasking. With this feature, you can touch and move things anywhere you want on the screen.


Multitasking is now easier in iOS 11 to view all your active apps and close them with just a swipe. You can open another app right from the Dock and both of it will remain active in Slide Over as well as Split View. But this feature is only limited to the apps which is designed to work in split-screen and this can’t be manually resized.

New Dock

This new Dock in iOS 11 for iPad helps you to access easily the apps and files from the screen. You can now switch the apps instantly by swiping. On the right side of the dock of your iPhone or Mac, all the Apps you used recently and the apps you currently using will appear there.

Apple Pencil Enhancement

The Apple Pencil is now better than ever with a new Instant Note, Instant Markup, Inline Drawing and Scan & Sign features. This is useful for all kind of tasks/activities such as putting notes, drawing over the screenshots or Notes, scanning documents, cropping, removing tilt or glare and a lot of ways to make your mark!

Augmented Reality

You can now redecorate your home, explore a city, or try on a new tattoo in the latest AR technology. Augmented Reality in iOS device is able to identify a surface and adds a virtual objects on it. ARKit results a smoother and improved graphics. These capabilities lets you experience to go far beyond the screen!


iPhone and iPad

Camera and Live Photos

Perfect moments in your photos is smarter than ever. Apple applied a new technology called High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) that reduces the file size of your photos while maintaining the same quality. Another thing is that the camera has a built in QR scanner.

A lot of new filters are made to make your photos more expressive than ever! Apple offers a new Loop effect that turns your live photo into a video loop, Bounce effect that allows you to play and reverse your live photos back from the start, and a Long Exposure effect that works best in terms of time and movement such as waterfalls, fireworks and a magical blur.

The New App Store

The new App Store offers a new perspective in discovering a lot of new apps and games you can’t resist. There will be a Today tab, Games Tab, and Apps Tab which features Categories and Top Charts filled with content.


Messages has a new App Drawer that allows you to be more expressive by sharing stickers, emojis to others by swiping. This is fun, easier and less effort!

Messages also has a Person-to-person Apple Pay feature that allows you to send money to your family and friends through an iMessage.


Siri has a more natural sounding voice! Siri is able to translate phrases for you, from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Siri became more predictive and quickly understand what you say. Also, You can now talk to Siri avoiding noise and embarrassment through typing. Siri will be your best DJ when it comes to music! You can actually ask Siri to play your genre and request for more song related to the recently played songs.

Apple Music and Airplay 2

Apple Music allows you have your own profile where you will enjoy listening and discovering your next favorite song, album, or artist without ads. You can also Listen online or offline about 40 million songs plus your iTunes library for Php 129.00 a month. Having your own profile, you are now able to see what your friends have been listening to!

Airplay 2 lets you control your home audio system and speakers because of the “Multi-room” support which ables you to play music wirelessly to multiple speakers by choosing a song, Adjusting the volume or play the music on all your speakers in any area in your home.

Control Center

Left photo(Default control center), Right photo(Customized)

iOS 11 allows you to customize the Control Center with its wider range of setting and new design. A quick swipe will do to customize the Control Center easily. It is now possible for you to lower down the power of lights in your dining room with a tap. Also, you can add Home controls, or use 3D touch in Control Center to unlock commands. Adjusting the brightness and the volume is now easier by sliding the controls.

Lock Screen

In lock screen you are now able to see both recent and missed notifications in one place. The combined Lock Screen and Notifications makes it simpler and easier to use.

Do Not Disturb

Safety first! “Do Not Disturb” keeps you from being distracted by calls, text messages, and notifications. It mutes notifications when you are driving.


Going for a new adventure? Detailed maps is here! Indoor Maps for Malls and Airport is not a  problem with iOS 11. Maps will provide a detailed directory indoor and outdoor to guide you easier. Lane Guidance feature is incredibly helpful through its modern look.

QuickType Keyboard

If your holding your phone in one hand, QuickType Keyboard is a huge help for you! Touch and Hold the emoji or globe key and then select one-handed typing, keys will automatically move closer to your thumb.

Automatic Setup

Automatic Setup allows you to transfer all your data, settings, and content to your new device by scanning another device that runs iOS 11. Here’s a guide to do that, just simply open your Phone or iPAd, press the Home Button, Tap Continue on the Set Up New iPhone/iPAd prompt, Scan the code on the iPhone or iPad, Put the Passcode from your previously set up device and continue the setup process.

Are you convinced with these new features of iOS 11? Avail your own iPhone and iPAd here at Widget City! Here are the list of iPhones, iPod Touches and iPad that works in iOS 11.

List of iPhones, iPod Touches and iPad that works with iOs 11


iPod Touch

  •  iPod touch (6th gen)


  •  12.9_inch iPad Pro (2nd gen)
  •  12.9_inch iPad Pro (1st gen)
  •  10.5_inch iPad Pro
  •  9.7_inch iPad Pro
  •  iPad Air 2
  •  iPad Air
  •  iPad (5th gen)
  •  iPad mini 4
  •  iPad mini 3
  •  iPad mini 2


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