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Why Smartphones Manufacturer Extinguished Audio Jacks


You’re probably wondering why did smartphone manufacturers removed audio jacks. The trend of removing the headphone jacks are becoming more this 2017. Though Apple wasn’t really the one who started it, their influence made them so; in the release of iPhone 7 which was a year ago 2016. Hence, some may say that others are following the footsteps of Apple.

Few more models that was released without the audio jacks were Google Pixel 2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, HTC U11 and of course, the iPhone 7’s predecessor, the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Alongside with the release of no-headphone-jack iPhone 7 was their launch of the wireless earphones, AirPods. There’s always a reason, replacement and an extensive study before this smartphone manufacturers do moves that tries to redo the wheel and reasons may include:

1. More space. Removing the audio port could give way to other interior components such as battery or processor.

2. Thinner body design. USB Type-C cables or Lightning cables are much thinner and smaller than diameter of the 3.55 mm audio port, therefore, manufacturers can craft thinner phones, classy and elegant.

3. Wireless headset. While others says that the future is wireless technology, thus, we no longer need those jacks.

4. Clean look. The phones look cleaner with one less round port. Wireless charging was now also taking the trend, perhaps few years later, smartphones will completely extinguished all ports on all sides, cleaner design.

5. Waterproofing made easy. With one less hole to close, waterproofing will be made easy and waterproof phones could be openly available even to non-flagships.

Neither way, with or without headphone jacks, smartphones will always be essential may it be for work or pleasure. While audiophiles may be highly affected, they aren’t really that many in the consumer market.

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